Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


My yarn is bleeding, is it broken?

The simple answer is, probably not.

The slightly longer answer is:

When I dye my yarns they are steamed or set until the colours run clear. They are then rinsed in warm water with a wool wash to get rid of any final colour that may be lurking. On the whole my yarn rarely bleeds but occasionally it does happen. Colours such as turquoise and blue and renowned for bleeding as well as a specific colour called Purple Pop.

Why does it happen? If you use water that is too hot or a particularly harsh detergent bleeding may occur. There is also a phenomenon known as ‘crocking’ where the ph from your skin can dislodge the colour molecules and give you coloured fingers when you knit and lightly tinted water when you rinse. Also water conditions may cause some bleeding. My water here is soft water and as with the rest of Wales, no fluoride is added so this is also something to bear in mind.

What do yo need to do? If the water is only slightly tinted and the colour of the yarn isn’t changing then all is good, a little rinse and you’ll be fine. If your yarn is bleeding a lot then you may need to reset it. There are a couple of different ways to do this so please contact me and I will talk you through it.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I do. There should be a shipping option for your country. If not please contact me and I can arrange something. All international parcels are sent Royal Mail International Standard. This is the cheapest way to send internationally but it does not have tracking. If you would like tracking again, please message me and I can arrange that for you.


I’ve seen one of your yarns somewhere but it’s not on the website but I want one

No problem. Send me the details and I can custom dye for you. I occasionally supply other businesses and it may be a custom yarn that they have requested. I keep records of all the yarns I dye so I can always dye more.


Where does your yarn come from?

Please see my ‘Bases’ page here

Do you do wholesale?

My yarn is currently stocked at Ewe Felty Thing in Llandudno and at present I have no other plans to wholesale. This may change in the future as the business grows


I’d like to sign up to one of your yarn clubs, how do I do that?

You can visit my yarn club page here

Yarn clubs are then invoiced monthly via Paypal.