Environmental Policy

Temporal Spin believes we have a responsibility to care for and protect our environment. We are committed to continuously being active and successful in minimising the impact of our business processes and activities on the environment.
The main points of our strategy to achieve this are:
To continually analyse usage of energy within the warehouse and office and use only what is needed, when needed.
Source and stock products from brands who have strong environmental and social policies throughout the supply chain of the manufacturing of their products. Please read how we choose our brands.
To minimise waste and recycle all that we can including all cardboard, plastic, glass, cans and general waste. This is to be evaluated bi-annually to ensure best practises are used.
To continually ‘re-imagine’ or ‘upcycle’ items throughout the warehouse and office for alternative uses other than end up on landfills.
To always source environmentally friendly products for use within the warehouse/office., including FSC and recycled stationary. This is to be evaluated bi-annually to ensure best practises are used.
To send all orders out in environmentally friendly packaging.
Train employees in good environmental practice and to encourage employee involvement in our environmental ethics.
Always consider environmental and ethical factors when producing new products.
Continually assess environmental practices throughout the workplace and our environmental impact as a company and always strive to be as low impact as possible.
To keep Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle at the forefront of our business processes.